Friday, April 27, 2012


Here is our hallway.

What it looked like when we moved in:

 After wallpaper removal

Carpet removed and wall painted Sherwin Williams Moderate White

So last night, while I had about a zillon things on my to-do list, I decided I wanted to take on a fun project and add some spice to our hallway. I stumbled across the picture below on Pinterest.

Pinned Image
(photo from abode love)

As a new home-owner, I don't think I'm ready to do go quite as bold and paint my whole hallway in stripes but I thought that the wall between the master & guest bed room might be a fun accent wall. While Stevens was at a baseball game, I got out some tools, sushi, glass of wine and got to work!

The tools I used were a tape measure, a yard stick, Frog tape, razorblade, a level, and a pen.

I measured the wall to see how thick I should make the stripes.  The above inspiration photo has 5 inch stripes.  The wall measured out to 90 inches from top to bottom so I went with 5 inch stripes.

Taping out these stripes takes a lot of patience, talking to yourself, and having to stop and think about which stripe you are on. The tape goes over the stripe that you are leaving the wall color.
And then the stripe you paint has to be the full 5 inches. 

Because the space I was painting was so small, I would measure out each side then tape and double check with a level.  I also marked each stripe that was I leaving the wall color with a scrap piece of tape - makes it so easy identify which stripes you are painting.  

Finished product! Not sure if this will be permanent or not, took me about an hour and a half to do and the future hubby hasn't seen it yet.  We will see what he thinks!!

Frog tape is amazing!! But will leak if you use oil base paint.  For latex just firmly press around the tape before you paint and remove before the paint dries.  There was very minimal touch-up and the lines are very clean!

Thank you for reading!

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