Friday, April 6, 2012

Master Bathroom

As you could see from the first post, our cute house was precious on the outside but caught in the 80's/early 90's on the inside. The color scheme was country blue, mauve pink, burgundy, and navy.  It really took some vision to realize what we could do with the place.  When we first looked at the house, my sister and I were overjoyed and so excited about the potential.  On the other hand, my fiance took a big deep breath and decided to go check out the yard. 

It was very overwhelming when we first really started to took at the house.  Every window treatment had THREE curtain rods to display all of the wonderful bows, flowers, draping work and curtains - ALL handmade by the sweet lady who owned the home before us. Almost every room was covered in floral wallpaper - not just the wallpaper but chair rails and boarders to match. Thanks to my future mother in law who was able to resell almost all of the curtains!!

One (almost) finished project is the master bathroom.
The bathroom had a large diamond mirror, wallpaper with a border and 3 panels of curtains on the windows and over the shower - look to the left to get a glimpse!
The vanity continued with the diamond feel and here you can see the tile of the floors - we are very lucky because other houses in the neighborhood had mint green, bubble pink or dark chocolate brown.
 No 1980's home is complete without a wooden seat!

We picked out our paint colors and decided to strip the wallpaper in this bath and paint it a color that would compliment the tile as well as the master bedroom. At this point, we were pros's in the wallpaper removal process. The living room, dining room, all bedrooms, hallway and kitchen were completed in one weekend - best tip we received was to go rent an industrial steamer - this will really help save time and energy. 

However when we got to this bathroom, the wallpaper started ripping off the wall.  We quickly discovered we had sheet rock and part of the wall was coming off with the wallpaper. We tried different areas but finally decided that we could either 1) take off all the paper, then spackle and sand the whole bathroom to make it smooth or 2)  lay wallpaper on top.  Its fairly simple to spackle small areas to recover and paint but trying to get a whole bathroom smooth was going to be quite the challenge! Tip for spackling: to make sure its smooth, after sanding, close your eyes and run your hand over the area you shouldn't be able to feel a different in the area you fixed and the wall if you do, it you can feel you can see it when you paint!
We patched up everywhere we had tried to peel the wallpaper and decided to rewallpaper the walls.
I repainted the vanity the same color as the trim (Sherwin Williams Semigloss Oil in Alabaster)
 And here are the new walls!! I'm obsessed with the new wallpaper.  Its a dark slate gray and the white is actually painted on and has a bit of texture. I think the contrast will be great with a crisp white shower curtain and white rugs.

 We  found a large mirror at a local thrift store and had it cut to fit the wall.  It rests on the counter edge and comes 16 inches from the ceiling.  We had two holes cut into the mirror so we can add our new sconces directly onto the mirror. Finding the mirror and then having it cut was a big price saver than going to a company and requesting a custom mirror.  Most thrift stores will have a pile of old large bathroom mirrors.

Before                                                    After
(I guess we need to get better at taking pictures of mirrors!)
We still have to update all of the fixtures, finish the trim and then decorate. But we hope that you enjoyed our bathroom re-do. Thank you for reading!

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