Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Kind of Wonderful

Our weekend consisted of:
- Stevens fixing the master bathroom sink! Can't wait for the big reveal! The sink wasn't installed properly so changing the faucet required redoing some of the pipes
So proud of him for becoming such a Mr. Fix-it!

- 2 trips to Lowes 
 (we failed to notice minor details like square outlets need square covers)

- Picking out sconces for the bathroom

 - Watching Winston for the weekend. Cried when he was inside and when he was out.


 - knocking over a gallon of paint and not noticing it until a HUGE puddle was on the floor. Thank goodness we are not keeping the carpet!

- finished trim in the master bedroom

- first coat of trim on windows and doors in den

- found out that you can't leave up painters tape between coats of oil paint, it acts like a glue and tape will come off in tiny strips causing you to get very angry and use choice language.
(Hint: it will come off, its just better to take off when paint is still wet.  If it does dry, you can cut it off with a razor blade!)

Most importantly we had a productive yet enjoyable weekend with lots of laughter and even some dancing! Highly recommend "Darius Rucker", "Van Morrison" & "I Love Beach Music" Stations on Pandora.  Thank you for reading!!

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