Thursday, June 21, 2012

Although we have been quite busy with our new house - the blog doesn't reflect it! Sorry for the lack of updates!!
Here are some things that we have been up to:

- finish painting trim & baseboard
- refinishing the hardwood floors
- Stevens MOVING IN
- thank you notes
- painting the guest bath
- wedding countdown and final to-do's
- decorating ideas
- picking out carpet for den - goodbye gamecock garnet!
- cleaning
- positioning furniture (thanks mom & mom in-law to be!)
- setting up new appliances
- priming and painting the kitchen - no more Williamsburg blue trim!
- more thank you notes
- looking at design options for the kitchen
- buying new knobs for den bookcase
- filling & drilling new holes for the bookcase knobs
- new switch plates for ALL lights and outlets
- monogram curtain for master bath
- a week of camp - the best place on Earth!

We will get better on posting & with pictures! Thanks for reading :)

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